2015 Board of Directors

Chair: [OPEN]

Vice Chairs: Dr. Mary Anne Evangelist, Lucinda McClarty

Recording Secretary: Charles Cross

Treasurer: Bob Gunderson

Membership: Karen Kennell

Walking Tours: Gini Stolldorf & Asha Paulose

Programs: [OPEN]

Fundraising: Steve Katz

Publicity: Dave Pirell

Volunteer Coordinator: Dr. Mary Anne Evangelist

Mostly Music Burt Hughes, Foster Bass

Merchants Committee: Paulette Ross

Grants: [open]

Past Chair: Paulette Ross

Secretary, Communications: Kathy Tappenden

New to Nyack: Jerry Carroll

Newsletter Design/Layout: Loraine Machlin

Members At Large: Barbara Carrol, Marilyn Stimac, Sally Seiler


Board meetings are open to all members and take place on the first Wednesday of every month at 7:00pm at the South Nyack Village Hall.